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Her Love ❤️ Willow

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Send that special someone in your life this carefully hand selected gift set featuring our best selling diffuser, expertly paired with a 100% pure essential oil and a luxurious packet of dark hot chocolate. Nothing says thank-you or I LOVE YOU like a cup of hot chocolate whilst enjoying your new diffuser and oil. Save 20% with with gift set. 

LEMON essential oil is a must have in every household. 

Add few drops of this fresh & zesty oil to your Ash & Maison diffuser to create a positive & uplifting atmosphere or as a wake me up in the mornings. You can also boost your cleaning with a few drops of this disinfecting oil. 

Our oils are 100% pure essential oil, they are not diluted and they are sourced and processed with the highest quality resources. 

We get our essential oils in small batches and ensure absolute freshness.


Our Noir Drinking Chocolate is for people who desire an intense cocoa experience. It is smooth, complex and nuanced, without bitterness. Sourced from great cocoa growing terroirs, it has incredible depth and diversity in its chocolate flavour profile.


Release the purity of pure essential oils into your home with this ceramic diffuser. This hand crafted diffuser will transform the ambience in any space.

WILLOW- A fine cool mist releases the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils throughout the air, while the carefully crafted stone vessel brings a touch of minimalistic style and sophistication.

Features include:

7 LED colour lights

Ioniser - the diffuser uses electricity to negatively charge the air molecules. This helps to purify the air, remove dust, pollen, bacteria and odors.

Auto Shut Off - an important safety feature, once all the water in the tank has evaporated, the diffuser will automatically shut off to protect from burning or damage.

All items will be packed in a brown gift box.