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Festive Cheer - Gift Set

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Send that special someone in your life this carefully hand selected gift set featuring our Sage Diffuser, expertly paired with oils and chocolates that is perfect to show you are thinking of them through the holiday season  


SAGE is a sleek ultrasonic portable diffuser that is perfect for your bedroom, office or hallway. Easy to use, compact and light weight, this diffuser can be easily packed to bring along on vacations to bring a sense of ambiance where you go that doubles as a night light.  



Beautifully clean,refreshingly crisp, bright citrus scent with a hint of sweetness, you may be aware that Lime Essential Oil is known for its mentally revitalizing and uplifting abilities

Add few drops of this fresh & zesty oil to your Ash & Maison diffuser to create a positive & uplifting atmosphere or as a wake me up in the mornings, it's can also be used to support a healthy respiratory system. Add a couple of drops to a carrier oil of your choice and use it to help combat rheumatism, arthritis, poor circulation and assist with detoxing.

Germ Zapper helps protects and zap those nasties especially during seasonal threats. The powerful essential oils in this blends helps purify the air, boost immunity and the oils in there are safe to use around kids. 

When added to DIY cleaning products, it helps zap the unwanted yuckies while making the house smell beautiful. 

Ingredients: Spruce Hemlock, Marjoram Sweet, Lavender, RosalinaLemon and Frankincense 



Your special someones deserves to be treated with a special organic chocolate from HEY TIGER. This bar of chocolate is from a locally sourced Melbourne Chocolatier, with a portion of the profits going towards a charitable organisation in West Africa. Enjoy the rich and decadent flavours of an Espresso Shot with Wake Me Up Scotty - Dark Vegan, or if you are more of a sweet tooth and wanting something that reminds you of a winter desert, then why not choose Be Mine - Milk, which resembles a Raspberry and Fudge Brownie. 


The final item in this gift package is the hand woven sea-grass basket with lid. Everyone loves extra storage, and this box provides the perfect place to store all your essential oils.