Ash & Maison

Wild Safari

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This Diffuser adds an element of wildness to your room with 3 Gold Chrome safari animal surrounded by artifical moss. The 7 LED coloured light options help you create your desired ambience. This is perfect for any aspiring young zoologist or adult animal lover. 

FYI: Our oldest son is obsessed with it! 

 *Animal species will vary in each diffuser.

Features include:

7 LED colour lights

Ioniser - the diffuser uses electricity to negatively charge the air molecules. This helps to purify the air, remove dust, pollen, bacteria and odors.

3 Hour run time on high or 6 hours on low

BPA free

Auto Shut Off - an important safety feature, once all the water in the tank has evaporated, the diffuser will automatically shut off to protect from burning or damage.

100ml Water tank

Dimensons: 12cm x 12 cm x 17cm


Colour tones may vary.